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Jannie Tam

Founder and senior director of GROWDynamics Talent Development



Jannie Tam, founder and senior director of GROWDynamics Talent Development, is a seasoned business leader with a proven track record in business enabling across Asia.  She was the General Manager of Australian #1 bookseller Dymocks in Hong Kong and a corporate intrapreneur who launched Disney Channel and Yahoo! in Asia.   At GROWDynamics, Jannie engages global talents to build human, social and cultural capital in the AI digital age with a strong focus on ESG strategies.  She is also active in community services, helping NGOs and mentoring young people to thrive in our complex global environment.


Holding BA English Language and Literature from Soochow University, Taiwan and MBA from Edinburgh Business School. Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, Jannie is a multi-cultural female entrepreneur who loves Hong Kong's vibrant and diverse culture.  She is committed to playing her part in helping talents of diverse background to work and create our future together in a truly collaborative way.